An array of services are provided by the agency which falls into the classification of either Outreach or Counseling. On occasion, both services may be used in conjunction with one another when clinically indicated.

Services are provided in multiple locations which may include the office, home, school, and/or community. Both Outreach and Counseling service locations are determined based on the individual’s request, provider recommendations, safety/risk factors, and agency resources. Upon a referral being made, an intake/assessment will be conducted to make service recommendations. Referrals may be prioritized based upon need and/or grant funding requirements. Services are provided to all eligible individuals without regard to race, sex, social, or physical factors. All services are confidential and provided by trained and qualified staff.


Designed to provide awareness, being more preventive in nature as well as providing a more brief intervention for individuals experiencing problems.

Behavioral Health Screens, DUI Assessments, First Offender Program, Life Skills Program, Parenting Classes.


Provided for individuals who may need more intensive individualized services related to the specific problems they may be experiencing, and are typically longer in duration.

Mental Health Assessments, Substance Abuse Assessments, Individual Therapy, Family therapy, Marital Therapy, Group Therapy, Crisis Intervention, Case Management, DUI and Drug Court Program, Wellness Services

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